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About Star Wars fan films

If you've found your way to this site, it's a safe bet that you are a Star Wars fan.  I know you'll find something here that you'll truly enjoy, and appreciate.  As you watch these films, there's something that you should always keep in the back of your mind:

These film-makers cannot profit from these films!

So, why do they make them?  For many reasons - for fun, to showcase their talents - you name it.  These people put a ton of time, effort, and money into making fan films, knowing all along that they can't make money from the films.  So, one thing I urge people to watch out for is other people that try to profit from these films.  Don't buy these films at conventions, on e-bay, etc.  Why bother when you can have them for free off of the internet?

On the other hand, some of the creators of these films are also involved in their own, original projects where they CAN profit from them.  If you find a film you like, be sure to check out the web-site of the maker involved if possible.  They may have projects that they're working on where they're tring to secure backing, they may be looking for a job in the film industry, etc. This site is all about Star Wars fan films, but there is a lot of other fan content out there that I think you'll really enjoy.  There's way too much of it for me to compile it here, but I want to point you to some great places to visit for other media:

Fan Audio

Here's where you're really lucky.  First, there are a lot of great Fan Audio Dramas out there.  Second, there's one site that does a great job of bringing it all together.  Don't think of this as books-on-tape.  This is more like the old radio audio drama productions.  Check out Star Wars Fanworks: 

Fan Fiction

There's some great fan fiction out there, and a LOT of it!  There are several places to find these stories, and I will only have a few here.  The other thing to be very careful of is that not all of these stories will be appropriate for younger readers.  Most of the sites will include information and content warnings about the stories.  Just be sure to pay attention to those.  The first place to visit is the Fan Fiction section at the Force.net:

Here's a listing of some other sites that have some great Fan fiction content:

     Fanfiction.net        the Fan Fiction Forum at TFN        Do You Like Fan Fiction

Fan Comics

If you're visiting here, I would say there's a good chance you've read Star Wars comic books at some point in your life.  Just a guess!  There are some really good fan-made, online comics out there.  The first place that I'll point you here is Fandomcomics:

In addition to what you'll find at Fandomcomics, there's a pretty comprehensive list of online fan comics posted here:

Listing of Star Wars fan comics

Fan Art

With all of the content out there for fan films, audio, fiction, etc., there's probably nothing that comes close to the amount of fan art that's out there.  If you start getting into this, it can be almost over-whelming.  So, you will see more listings here that for some of the other Fan Media types, but it's a tiny sampling of what's out there.  The one I will tell you is a must-see is Simon Z's page of art, custom DVD covers, wallpapers, etc.  Truly impressive!

Like I said above, there are tons of other places to find Star Wars fan art.  Here are a few you should check out:

     Fan Art Museum at TF.N            Fan Art Central                  Galactic Voyage

       LMS                       Concept Art Forum               the Fan Art Forum at TFN