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There are 100's of films to choose from in the Downloads Library, but I chose some of my favorites to highlight here.  If you're new the the world of Star Wars fan films, you need to start with these, and you'll be hooked!  Right click and "save as" on the links. 

And please be sure to visit Spiffy Productions.  These are the folks that made "Eclipse" and "the Planet With No Name", and they host many of the films that are offered from this site.  Without their help and support, this site wouldn't be possible.

Dark Resurrection (HQ  Version)

Sorran, a powerful Jedi, becomes obsessed with finding the planet Eron.  His quest for the power of Eron leads him to the dark side, and the order turns on him.  Sorran dies, only to appear again years later at the head of the new Imperial forces.  A padawan with a dark secret and her master must prevent Sorran from unlocking the power of Eron....

.avi format     671 MB    Italian with English subtitles.  60 min.  Great acting, effects, and story.

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Two Sith apprentices are set against each other on the planet Korriban as a final test to determine which one will serve at their master's side.  And so it is that Darth Oz watches as Darth Blight and Lord Reve battle to the death...


.mov format     82.3 MB    One of the all-time favorites.  6 min.


In the wake of the Jedi Temple's destruction, a power struggle has emerged between  Darth Vader, and Zhanna, the Emperor's Hand.  Each seeks to eliminate the last of the Jedi and gain the Emperor's favor.  Caught between them is one woman who cannot deny the truth of her visions as everyone rushes to possess an ancient Jedi secret. 

.mov format     242 MB    Great overall production.  47 min.

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Seeds of Darkness

A Sith Lord has been dispatched to destroy a fallen Jedi master before he has the chance to align himself with the lowly Rebellion.  The Rebels themselves have sent a squadron to intercept, including a young padawan named Mira Naolos, in an attempt to lure Master Rotal back to the light. 

.mov format     238 MB total    Great space battle, as well as lightsaber fight.  25 min.   ** link takes you to the Force.net to download all 3 parts.

Broken Allegiance

Two young apprentices of Darth Vader break free of their master and make a run for it.  Lord Vader sends a bounty hunter, the legendary Korbain Thor, to track them down and bring them back.  Not like they'll go quietly....

.mov format     123 MB    Best original ship in a fan film.  23 min.

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There's another film out there by this name by the same guys that made Duality.  But, this one is a lightsaber battle between two Sith and a Jedi on an unknown planet.  The story really isn't the focus here.  This film has a great visual feel, and it's a good battle.

.mov format     37.9 MB    3 min.

Ryan vs. Dorkman

If you're new to fan films, this will cause a double-take.  Two normal-looking guys in regular clothes have a lightsaber battle in the kicthen of a restaurant.  Seriously.  Once you get past the shock of this not being set in the Star Wars universe, it's a great display of choreography and originality.  As good as any battle in any of the original films. 

.mov format     49 MB    Of course there's a sequel!  5 min.

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Troops (HQ version)

Considered by many to be the first Star Wars fan film (certainly of the internet age).  This is a parody of the show "COPS", complete with the "bad boys" intro song.  It's set in the Episode 4 timeline, and it's as entertaining today as it was when it came out in 1999. 

.avi format     220 MB    10 min.

Reign of the Fallen

As the mighty Sith army spreads across the galaxy, the people of the planet Prias wait in fear, protected by a planetary energy shield.  One Jedi will be chosen to be the leader of Prias, and he must face another Jedi with a dark secret that could spell their doom....

.mov format     271 MB    Truly good acting, and a very good film.  55 min.

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Contract of Evil

The hidden masters of the Sith seek to find the warrior worthy of the title of Dark Lord.  Two brothers defeat all challengers on a remote world, until finally a worthy opponent lands to do battle...  This film doesn't disappoint.

 .mov format     79.1 MB    Great make-up and choreography.  16 min.

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Knightquest (HQ version)

Set not long before Episode 4, an aging Jedi Master trains two apprentices to face the challenges of the Empire.  But Darth Vader shows up to continue the purge that began so many years before... 

 .mov format     207 MB    Very good visuals.  40 min. 

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the Dark Redemption (HQ version)

Set 2 days before the events of Episode 4, this film is one of the first Star Wars fan films on the internet.  The story features Mara Jade and Boba Fett on the planet Kessel.  Check out the page dedicated to this film for much more information. 

.mp4 format     292 MB    24 min.

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Spirits of the Force

The first film in a trilogy.  The story begins at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.  Upon returning to the Academy, Master Kyle Katarn embarks on a mission with the help of a young Jedi...  Also features Jaina Solo.

.mov format     49 MB    Well-made film all around.  22 min.

Be sure to watch the sequels - Fool's Errand and Reflections of Evil

Versus (HQ)

This is really a great film.  There's not much dialogue, but it manages to carry a great deal of drama without it.  There's also a sequel in the works, which looks truly amazing.  Set during the days of the Republic, just before the Clone Wars.  Two padawans face off against a Sith Lord, with dire consequences.

 .avi (DIVX) format     416 MB    French with subtitles.  18 min.

There's also a short called Way to Shadow that precedes the upcoming Versus II.

The trailer for Versus II can be downloaded here 

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Betrayal (HQ version)

As the Clone Wars rage on, and the Republic and Confederacy continue their struggle for dominance, more plantes are leaving the Republic every day and Count Dooku is luring many Jedi to the dark side.  Three Jedi masters and their padawans rendezvous on the Outer Rim world of Kal'theba, with the fate of the galaxy in the balance...

.mov format     142 MB    A darker film than most, but very well done.  19 min.

Forced Alliance (HQ version)

Set 50 years after the events of Episode 6.  As the New Republic continues to rebuild, new threats arise and for 3 students of different beliefs, it has become a dangerous place to be.  Only through trust and a fragile friendship can they hope to survive and discover if there's more to the Force than what they've been taught... 

.mov format     211 MB  A great film, it was originally pitched as a pilot for a TV series.  15 min.