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Flash Animation Films


This set of films is a little unique in how they're viewed, so I thought I would put them on their own page.

There are several good films in here, but I have a couple of favorites:

Run Leia Run   The maker of this film also has a web-site that you should make sure to check out.  There are several reviews there for many of the fan films that you will find in the Downloads Library.  

This is a very well-done fan film.  Set on Tatooine, it's a tale of a prophecy involving a Jawa child, with an appearance by Aurra Sing.

the Finding Child I


the Finding Child II

Links to Flash films

the Ackbar Series


Anakin Loves Padme

Arc Episode I: Reel 1

Arc Episode I: Reel 2

Arc Episode I: Reel 3

the Bad Dudes Strike Back   ** Goes with the Phantom Dude and Star Dudes **

the Bounty HUnters Talk Back

Clash of the Sith

the Clone Controversy

Clones in Love

Complaints of the Neurotic

the Dark Side Switch Campaign

Darth Vulgar

a Day With Darth Vader

Dream Star Fight!

Dude Where's My Lightsaber?

Duel of the Plums

an Empire of One

Expendable Sith



Fett's Vette

the Finding Child I

the Finding Child II

Gangsta Rap

Imperial Assault

I Think I'm a Clone Now

Jedi Alan

Jedi Duels

the Jedi Song

Jedi Training

a Mile a Minute Star Wars

Pass the Lightsaber

Phantom Dude     ** Goes with Star Dudes and the Bad Dudes Strike Back **

R2D2's Christmas Song

Rebel Alliance

the Rebels

the Rebel Threat

Return of the Dude


Run Leia Run

Shay Tilnaer

Sith, a Cartoon Short

Sith Confrontation

Sith Confrontation 2

Sith Daycare

the Sith Rejects

the Skywalkers

Star Crap Episode 3 (pt 1)

Star Crap Episode 3 (pt 2)

Star Dudes     ** Goes with the Phantom Dude and the Bad Dudes Strike Back **

StarWarsAFP: Part 1 Act 1

StarWarsAFP: Part 1 Act 2

Star Wars Special Edition

Star Wars Spoofs: Airspeeder Chase

Star Wars Spoofs: Bespin

Star Wars Spoofs: Duel of the Fates

Star Wars Spoofs: Endor

Star Wars Spoofs: Ewok

Star Wars Spoofs: Kamino

Star Wars Spoofs: Needa

Star Wars Spoofs: R2

Star Wars Spoofs: Skywalker

Star Wars Spoofs: Tatooine

Star Wars Spoofs: Tauntaun

Star Wars Spoofs: Wampa

Star Worms

Super Console Wars: Part One

Super Console Wars: Part Two

That Prequel Movie

These Were the Clone Wars

This is Not a Test

This is Not a Test 2

Transitions Episode 1

Trooper Clerks Pt1

Trooper Clerks Pt2

Wacky Pod Races

Why Alderaan?

Yoda's Demo Reel