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It's not much of a resource for fan films, but it's the official Star Wars site:




      Now Showing!! - the Clone Wars   

               on CartoonNetwork


                          Episode guide


TheForce.net Fan Films Forum

 A great resource.  Message boards and discussions, primarliy a means for fan film makers to organize, share ideas, promote their films, etc.

     Forum at The Force.net

Read the sticky at the top of the page that starts "Read this before posting.."


And, you can offer suggestions and comments about my site on the discussion thread in the TFN Forums:

Fan Film Resource discussion thread

The Fan Film Menace


This is Adam Bertocci's site (a fan film maker).  It includes Adam's films as well as reviews of other fan films.  The link here is to the reviews page:

Reviews at the Fan Film Menace

The Force.net Fan Film Main Page

There is a lot of great content at the Force.net, and they are clearly the leading resource for downloading fan films - not just Star Wars films.  Most of the links I provide on this site go through the Force.net.

     Fan Films at the Force.net

Be sure to tour the entire site.  They have more to offer than just downloads of films.

Galactic Voyage


A teriffic site for Star Wars fans.  Tons of great content here, and they just happen to have a good download page.  After TFN, this is my next-best resource for download links.

                Galactic Voyage



Yet another crucial resource.  They have far more than just Star Wars films listed on the site.  This is not a download site, but more of a locator and listing resource.

                Fan Films.net


Considering that AtomFilms gives out the official Star Wars fan film award each year, there will be some people that will think it's odd that this wasn't the first link at the top of the page.  The reason for me is simple:  AtomFilms is easy to find, and it's all streaming video.  With the download library being the largest focus of my site, those links were first.  No slight intended.


Fan Cinema Today


This is Clive Young's newsletter/blog for all things related to fan films.  He does a great job on this site, and there's something for fans of almost any genre.

              Fan Cinema Today

Fanfilmy strona Jackson


This is another site out of Poland with some good fan content (not just Star Wars).  Be sure to check it out.


Fanboy Theatre

This site is dedicated to the fan film world in general.  The content is really more focused on the Superhero genre of fan films, but it's more a case of the folks from that genre gravitating to Fanboy Theatre.  There is some info here and there for Star Wars films too.  A very well-done site.

              Fanboy Theatre

Sci-fi 3D


This is a pretty cool site, dedicated to 3D work in Sci-fi.  Includes news, fan art, forum, etc.  

                   Sci-fi 3D

the Star Wars Archives

This site has a year-by-year archive of Star Wars related content.  Alot of what you will find there is very rare.  It's a very ambitious under-taking, and definitely a work in progress.  But there's some great stuff.

           the Star Wars Archives

the Junkyard

This is a great fan-built site out of Poland.  It includes info on games, news, and there's a library of fan films in the movies section.

the Junkyard (pl)

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