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Stop Animation films  (Plus)

This section is mainly dedicated to stop animation films.  Most of these are films made with LEGO's or with Star Wars action figures, and some of them will be CGI films of LEGO Star Wars environments and characters.  The largest resource for finding these films is Brickfilms.


Star Wars Tales - NEW!!

This is a great adaptation taken from the Dark Horse series Star Wars Tales.  This is a 35-minute film made with Star Wars action figures.  Check it out.

Star Wars Tales - .mov format     99 MB

the Escape DVD - NEW!!

This film takes plave just before the events of Episode 4.  The film features some great animation, ships, and space battle action.  The DVD is Available in PAL and NTSC formats

      NTSC      PAL      DVD cover        






LEGO   Bane of the Sith - .mov format     33.2 MB

LEGO   Clone Trooper Down - .mov format     27.6 MB

LEGO   Curiosity Killed the Stormtrooper - .mov format     8.5 MB

LEGO   Droidmaker - .wmv format     34 MB

LEGO   Echoes - .mov format     40 MB

LEGO   Episode VII - Return of the Sith - .wmv format     1.2 MB

LEGO   The Escape (English version) - .avi format     300 MB   German version

LEGO   the Final Strike - .mov format     15.8 MB

LEGO   Flaws of the Sith - .mov format     23.5 MB

SWAF  Godzilla Versus Disco Lando - .mov format     30.6 MB

LEGO   the Great Disturbance - .avi format     1.9 GB  (yes, that's giga - this film is over an hour long)

LEGO   An Ill-Made Weapon - .mov format     23.1 MB   ** Goes with Station Tribulations, and A New Deficit ** 

LEGO   It's Hard To Be a Stormtrooper - .wmv format     6.2 MB

LEGO   Individuality - .mov format     8.5 MB

SWAF  Kung Fu Kenobi - .mov format     1 MB

SWAF  Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure - .mov format     40.9 MB

LEGO   LEGO Wars - .wmv format     7.5 MB

SWAF  Les Pantless Menace - .mov format     52.7 MB

LEGO   A Much Needed Break - .mov format     9.9 MB

LEGO   a New Deficit - .mov format     15.2 MB   ** Goes with Station Tribulations, and An Ill-made Weapon **  

LEGO   A Perilous Mission - .mpg format     61.7 MB 

SWAF  Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars - .mov format     17.6 MB

SWAF  the Qui-Gon Show - .mov format     13 MB

LEGO   Rebel Alliance - .wmv format     11 MB

SWAF  Star Wars Tales - .mov format     99 MB

LEGO   Station Tribulations - .mov format     16.3 MB   ** Goes with An Ill-made Weapon, and A New Deficit **

LEGO   Triumph of the Empire - .mov format     41 MB 

Streaming Video

YT  LEGO   Boba Fett

YT  LEGO   Emperor's Order

YT  LEGO   Storm Squad (Clone Wars)