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About the film - download HQ version

The Dark Redemption is a fan film that was released in 1999.  It was a collaborative effort of Australian Star Wars fans and up and coming film makers.  The story is set just 2 days before the beginning of Ep4: A New Hope.  There's plenty of action, and a great cast of characters, including Boba Fett and Mara Jade.  The film also features an appearance by Peter Sumner, who appeared in Ep4.  More information can be found at the director's site, here:  Pete Mether    Be sure to check out some of his other work.

Since it's release, the Dark Redemption has been available for download in 5 separate parts in a low resolution.  Let's face it, in 1999, download speeds were painfully slow, so that was the only way it would work.  Fortunately, those restrictions don't exist today, so we can enjoy the film in a High Quality format for the first time!  To download the film, right click the title and "save as":  

The Dark Redemption

The file is in .mp4 format, 292 MB

There's also a good version of the trailer for the film that you can download here

The Dark Redemption DVD

With the high quality version of the film now available, some of the folks from the forums at the Force.net worked together to get files put together for download for a DVD.  There are two files you will want here.  First is the .iso file that has the film, etc.  Right click and save as:

                     The Dark Redemption        the .iso file is 1.0 GB 

You'll also want the DVD cover that was put together for the film.  That file runs 7.5 MB.

Thanks to Keith Abbott and Phi for their work to make this possible for everyone.  Enjoy!!



      Pete Mether with some of the crew

Streaming video version on Vimeo

So, if you would like to watch the film before you download it, you can view first it in the same high quality here:

Star Wars The Dark Redemption from Darth Anonymous on Vimeo.

Other extras and info



The TDR crew with the slavers







The Dark Redemption is one of the few fan films to be listed at IMDB.  Check it out here.  In addition to the listing at IMDB, there's a great article about the film at wookieepedia.  It's important to note that TDR was made at a time when Lucasfilm had a very different attitude towards fan films than they do today.  Today, fan films are pretty much left alone as long as the film-makers don't try to profit from them.  That wasn't the case when TDR was made, and there's a pretty good interview with Pete Mether at webwombat  that talks about some of what they faced.